having a tad too much to drink

When someone has a tad too much to drink, you know how people say things like “He’s not going to remember this when he wakes up”? Well, I had a drink or two too much yesterday; but, I remember everything clearly.

I remember, when the first few drinks came along. Zhane brought some red wine to the housewarming, and Hau Wei opened the bottles for us like the seasoned partygoer he secretly it. We poured it for everyone in the house, and the party shifted its gear from dinner to drinks. Those plastic cups seemed innocent. A few minutes later, a pleasant buzz sneakily replaced my worries and concerns. It felt good. Slightly lightheaded, but good.

I remember, when 1 to 2 drinks transformed into 5 or 6. We started downing them like there was no event at 3 p.m. the next day that I had to be in charge of, because not worrying feels like the best thing someone could ever indulge in. Especially when you have a lot to carry on your shoulders, it felt good to let go of that weight even if it was just for an instance. We got Andrew to down some wine, and that whisky, and then vodka. *cue Krish’s “WOAAAAAAAAAAAH”

He got really red, and so did I (like the lobster I am). My head at this time, was really really light.

I also remember, that my cheeks hurt because I was smiling too much. Also, three people took videos of me. You… sons of bitches. Joking. Please don’t post it up on Facebook, or you’ll die. I kid you notPhotos are fine though!

I remember, everything in the living room was comfortable. Everything was like a bed to me. Not just any bed, but the softest and most cushy of all the beds ever produced in this world. First, there was the cold and soothing wall beside the television. Then, there was the couch. After that, it was Adre’s shoulders and Zhane’s. Then, back to the couch. Finally, my bed.

Most importantly, I remember how my friends helped me. They gave me water, they asked me if I was okay, they gave me more water to drink, a few plastic bags and even threw them away once I was done using them. Some even tried to clean the carpet! Once they put me into bed, they came in and checked on me several times before leaving, and even opened the window for me so that the room doesn’t become too warm and stuffy. How amazing!

I am so thankful. Thanks, everyone. It was a memorable night.


Had breakfast immediately after I woke up (took a shit before that la).

Boiled the water, put two eggs in.

Bring out my heavy ass wooden chopping board I bought from Ikea for about 13 quid (worth it), and began slicing oranges.

Zaim asked why didn’t just eat them from the skin itself, as normal people would do. Told him my teeth were sensitive, which reminded me to charge my electric toothbrush. Really love using the electric toothbrush, makes my teeth feel squeaky clean.

Back to breakfast…

Sliced the oranges into small chunks and put them into a ball. Added some good ol Dorset Muesli (the one with loads of raisins, dried apricots, and dried pears).

“NOOOOOOOOO,” the orange slices, dried fruit and oat flakes screamed for their lives as the milky mixture engulfed them.

This is more like a notebook la btw

Other than the definitions of Quell and Misgivings, I learnt two new things today:

1) Market Breadth, which determines whether a market is more bullish or not by analysing the number of companies advancing in relative to companies declining

2) Floating-Rate Notes, that is a debt instrument that protects investors against rising interest rates. How? I’m not so sure now.

UPDATE: I understand it now, thanks to this website; but not this website.

That’s What Shaun said recently hit the 200-like mark. It’s not an accurate measure of anything really, but at least I know more people are viewing the status updates created by the team.

If you’re wondering what TWSS is, it’s just another way to read the news. As I like to make things more understandable (out with the heavy jargon!), I thought that I could do the same with news stories. People often want to read and gain more knowledge of the world they’re leaving in, but it can be quite tough at times.

That’s What Shaun Said is a step towards making it easier for everyone. Check it out!

Moving in is tough la

Hello humans,

Settling into your new accommodation is difficult. You want to go to bed, but the mattress cover just does not fit the dusty mattress. You want to sleep longer, but you wake up at 6.30 a.m. after falling asleep around 2 a.m. the night before. You want to eat a solid breakfast, but all there is available at 9 a.m. is just the Curry Maggi packet you brought over from home and some hot water.

Speaking of hot water, guess what I used to boil the water? That’s right! A gas stove (while most people are stuck with that slow ass induction cooker installed in their flats or apartments).

It’s weird to have no drawers in your wardrobe. It’s also quite weird that your study desk is not equipped with any drawers. Come on la. With hope that Ikea will have what I need to make my room super need, I also hope that it won’t be full of people. 10 a.m. sounds like a healthy time to reach the place, because that’s when it opens.

You know what else happens at 10 a.m.? Rise of the drunken idiots, plodding along to class.

This is an extract of an actual conversation between said idiots:

“So what did you do last weekend?”
“I got soooo drunk at this club…(continues to speak about how (s)he would never do it again, and then does it again the next day)”


Three more days until I fly off.


In two weeks, I will be flying back to Leeds. As I am writing this, the little boy in front of me is impatiently waiting for his Styrofoam packets of Char Siew and Siu Yok rice. Swaying from side to side with a RM50 note in his hand, he continually peeks over the counter to check if the dishes he ordered to tapau is done. The intensity of his sways peaked, and then stopped as the lady handed him his plastic bag full of styrofoam packets.

He entered a car driven by his mother and they left. I did not like the way she parked, as she was slightly too close to the Alza on her right. My Alza.

It’s close to 2 p.m.

It feels so nice to have lunch alone at Uncle Yap’s Char Siew in Kota Kemuning. It’s peaceful. Customers, not many. Food, tasty and simple. Songs being played, Stay Away From Me by Secondhand Serenade.

What will one do without Char Siew and Siu Yok?

#VisitKotaKemuning2014 #TourismKemuning #KotaKemuningTrulyAsia


In three days, I will be flying back to Leeds. As I am writing this, there’s a lady writing down her orders on a piece of paper. Beside her, a family is having their late lunch. A mother, a father, and their two little girls. The parents are busy engaging with the lifeless devices in their hands, while the little girls are busy trying to get their attention. Technology, no doubt, gets us connected with millions in this globalized, heavily interconnected world; but too often it disconnects us with the ones physically closest to ourselves.

How many times have we seen a large group of friends at a restaurant, instead of engaging in face-to-face conversations, tap their fingers away on the latest Instagram photos and most viral Facebook updates?

Is the answer ‘too many’?

6.9: That awesome French restaurant called Yeast

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 3.51.33 PMWas supposed to attend a forum that I signed up for today but really, I’ve had enough of them; and also because time spent with Chuben > time spent at a forum.  

Had an awesome lunch at Yeast in Bangsar.

The restaurant was cozy in its own unique French way and one of the owners even came around a few times to check on how we were doing. 

“Have a nice brunch”. “Mm that looks good. Is everything alright?” Très bien.

Also, from the fact that most of the food being served revolved around bread, to its checkerboard tiles on the floor, would make one who has visited Paris nostalgic.  

The Chuben and I sat at the bar, which gave us a bird’s eye’s view of the kitchen’s operations. The chefs and waiters constantly played around and joked about anything and everything during the rush hour, but remained professional throughout lunchtime and served the best Eggs Benedicts, Canard Confits and Quiche Lorraines you could possibly find in Malaysia (if you disagree, let me know and we can go to said best French restaurant together). On top of our mains, we finished our lunch with a sublime Crème Brulée, better than most that I tasted in Paris. 

To end this post, I’m going to ask you to do one thing:

Go. To. Yeast.  

7.9; 1.27 a.m. 
Note to self: although minced garlic mixed with soy sauce tastes great with any Chinese dish (except pork ribs glazed with dragonfruit-Marmite sauce), please restrain from eating too much next time.  
Now my breath reeks of garlic. When will this ordeal end? I. Do not. Know. #prayforshaun#hashtagsdontdoshit
UPDATE: it lasted the whole of the day after (fml)


4.9: A bookshop called I AM LEJEN

While waiting for King who was late for our lunch appointment, I spent some time at I AM LEJEN

I AM LEJEN is a boutique bookstore that sells novels written by our very own Malaysian writers, alongside I AM LEJEN mugs, t-shirts, hoodies and retro football jerseys. Just opposite of Gold Chilli in SS15, its eye-catching signboard will make you pause and muse…

“What the hell kind of shop name is that?”

I met Hafiz the shopkeeper, who proceeded to give me a tour of the shop and a few brief explanations on what the bestsellers were about. We then sat on the cushy beanbags provided, and chatted about our lives in university.

Hafiz was a really friendly host, and treated I AM LEJEN as though it was a hidden gem in the student centre of SS15. We talked about the bookstore and all that it offered, from Malay poetry to translated English blockbuster novels such as The Fault In Our Stars. While this was happening, a television hanging above the cashier’s head was playing a live theatre act of a local bestselling novel called Awek Chuck Taylors. Here’s a short sinopsis from Goodreads:

Mengisahkan kisah seorang mamat bernama Hafiz, yang bertemu dengan seorang gadis hipster anarkis yang bernama Mira. Pertemuan ini mencetuskan beberapa ledakan aneurysm kepada korteks serebrum – serta perhubungan dengan adik beradik Mira – Aiman dan Nana – yang menjadi semakin akrab. Dan keakraban itu mencetuskan satu lagi cinta tiga segi Illuminati antara Hafiz dan adik beradik – Mira dan Nana. 

I bought two books: Love in Penang, and Lost in Putrajaya (UPDATE: so far REALLY good!). Flipped one of the books and saw ‘Timothy Nakayama’ written in the list of authors. Tim’s a great friend of mine whom I had met during my Toastmasters days. Always a person who cuts through the noise (in speech evaluations), and does it so coolly. The same applies to his speeches. In essence, he’s a chaser of his own dreams. You don’t find many people like him nowadays.  


At lunch, I made a new friend. His name is Theeban. Being 6 ft 4, muscular and friendly, you know he would make a great bouncer; but what really impressed me is that he recently started reading books; books about history; books that a minute fraction of Malaysians enjoy reading; books recommended by his girlfriend. What a gentleman! 

It’s definitely a book day today. 

It’s difficult to create a title for a post like this.


I miss knowing that I need to go to the office on weekdays. Now that my internship is over, it’s going to feel weird.


I just hung out with the medical students from IMU. BBQ sauce never goes wrong as a marinade and the dory fish fillets were a +1 for the appetite.

They’re pretty cool people, until they throw medical jargons back and forth at each other. It became pretty confusing at one point; but it’s fine if they see me say this. They probably got used to it already.

Life of a medical student seems tough. Every hour of the day you’re thinking about the names of bones and nerves; and when they’re supposed to relax, they know they’re not supposed to unless you’re really good at memorizing.

And when you know you are, you don’t show it (or maybe a little),
because we all know that there’s a little kiasu fucker in us.


Saw this baby who was climbing out of his seat and over the glass fence to reach out to me. Naturally, I made funny faces. The baby’s mom psst-ed at me and whispered to me behind the baby…

“Scold him, scold him!”

I wagged my finger at the toddler disapprovingly and he went back to his seat.
Obtained: two thumbs up from the mom.


Continued French classes today and met a guy who worked with the United Nations. His stories ranged from managing multiple governments’ agendas to having a personal laptop to avoid getting the one given to him hacked again.
One thing he loved to mention was how he used to be paid in U.S dollars. He mentioned it three times, with his eyes widening every time he uttered “dollars”.

“The pay is good, the pay is good but you go through many sleepless nights with these agendas on your mind”


It has been long since I last had a day like this. Sitting in a coffee shop (Sips & Bites) with my laptop, blogging, drinking tea that is way more expensive in the UK per cup, and having no plans. The OCBC internship gave me a real big impact, and I think I will write about it soon.

Also, the two people in front of me were talking about something called ‘FSquirt’. They repeated it many times, and tried to make sure it was the correct spelling. ‘FSquirt’ sounds funny.

‘Accidentally’ peeked at his laptop too. Saw the title of his document.


I love observing.

Dear Chuben


My response to your birthday wish:

Dear Chuben, your words touched me immensely. I’m so glad that we have stuck to each other until now after so many difficulties.

I like us. A lot.

That’s like saying I like myself as much as I like you, which is what many people miss out on. They forget to love themselves first before loving others. That’s when high expectations become sore disappointments to the soul. That’s what paranoia and insecurity feast on. That’s when one person in the relationship feels like the only one in the relationship. However, I am proud to say we have got those things sorted out. *High five!

I really like where we are now. It used to be you, studying for your examinations in medical school; me, just doing simple house chores in my room during the weekend. Now it’s you, watching Running Man (FIGHTING) and editing photos and videos; me, shifting priorities between work and society matters in university. Sorry that I have not been paying as much attention to you as before. In Langkawi, I really felt that Gmail and Facebook were robbing me of whatever time I have, time that I could have spent with you during the ongoing summer break.

Thinking about leaving for the U.K this September really SUCKS. However, we both know it is something we need to adapt to all over again. Just like before. Just like last September.

Just like before.

We’re strong and we know it. I love us, I love you. FIGHTING!

This one is for you, Zorro!

Hi Zorro, I remember there was a time when no one allowed you to come into the house; but, I thought why should you be denied the chance to know and feel how it is like to be in a human home. So, I sneaked you in. The first time was exhilarating for you and me; you risked being shouted at and myself, the same. I brought you into the living room and that’s when we had a mini tour of the ground floor of our home. The home you spent your whole life guarding with the bravery of a dark knight. A dark knight, you certainly are.

The second time, I brought you upstairs. It was even more exciting than the first. Stepping into uncharted territory as the furry foreigner you are!

The third time, I brought you into my room! I turned on the air conditioner so you could experience what it’s like to be human. Artificially cooling our own rooms, at the cost of the millions of other living things outside. At the cost of you suffering from the heat we humans selfishly added on to; but at least you found out what it was like. I know my room was not the typical patch of grass you slumbered on, but at least you experienced it!

I played the guitar for you. You were quiet. You listened, you relaxed and you had shed a tear. Even I couldn’t believe that you had done that! A ferocious beast, intimidating to most people but a rather soft soul in front of me. It took you quite a while!

I always loved talking to you. You’re always so still, like a sea without waves. Confided in you so many things that you couldn’t even understand but there you were, beside me. Listening. Trying. I truly savored every second, you know that? We gave you food, shelter and water; but, not love. I regret that.

I remember hugging you too and it felt really good. Fuck what people say about it being dirty and unhygienic. Who cares! Love is love.

When I started work I didn’t have much time for you, even though it knew you did not have much time left. The night before you passed away, I didn’t see you anywhere but I was told you were alright. The next morning was a huge shock to me. It was unexpected. I saw that you were sleeping, but I couldn’t tell if you were breathing or not.

“Zorro!” No answer.

“Zorro!” No answer again.

I touched you and you were so stiff. That’s when I knew; but I couldn’t stay long because I had to leave for work. I felt like a prick. A fucking prick, knowing I couldn’t stay long because I had to leave for WORK. How ridiculous.

Now I treasure Lucky so much, knowing how much pain he must be feeling after you left him. I play with him whenever I get the chance. He’s too scared to jump off the stairs outside the garden, but I have been trying to make him jump that height. To no avail. As of now. One day he will be brave enough though! I have been giving him hugs too. It feels good.

Rest in peace boy. You meant so much to me when you were still here, and you always will.