This headache has been disturbing me for 3 days now. I hope it isn’t something serious. Maybe because I have been looking at screens too much lately, screens as in phone screen, iPad screen and the monitor. As I am writing this my fingers smell like raw chicken and paprika. Marinated some drumsticks a while ago. Drumsticks.. remind me of a very funny thing a friend said a while ago on Facebook chat to me. The thing is, it wasn’t me she talked to but a friend who was using my account at that moment.

“Haha, I play the drums.” said ‘Shaun’.

“Yeah, you have a drumstick.” said the female friend.

OKAY…what does that mean? Let us explore the possibilities.

If I were a girl, I would think something along the line of ‘Don’t you mean drumsticks?’ or ‘Okay, gtg bye now’. If I were boy, dirty thoughts would instantaneously start to flood in. Maybe a guy would take it as an invitation to show her his ‘drumstick’. Lame Shaun would think ‘Yes I do have a drumstick. Cornetto drumstick’ but grammatical analyst Shaun would reply in two seconds with ‘You mean *drumstickS?’

The gist of this post is that it has no gist and maybe you thought this post was going to lead you to an ending where the true meaning behind the sentence ‘Yeah, you have a drumstick’ would be revealed. But no it will not, Because nobody knows what it really means. Everyone has their ideas, everyone sticks to their ideas.

“There is no truth, there is only perception.”


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