A-levels Anxiety.

Do you hear that? It’s just around the corner. You heard it once but this time it will be the dealbreaker. All or nothing. You can’t do anything about it but just accept it. Of course you heard it before! Cries of joy, sighs of satisfaction, laments of not having worked hard enough. This time you won’t hear it. This time you will be in front of your monitor, waiting for the results to pop out all by yourself. There will be no one to celebrate with, no one to console and no one to cheer or be cheered by.

In 5 days, the results of A-levels will be announced and no one (except you smart asses out there) is every ready for it. What we can do now is accept all possibilities of the outcome. Think you might not meet the desired requirement? Well, click close on the Facebook or Twitter tab and start browsing other universities on Clearing. Think you will meet the requirement? Get your passports, students visas, accommodation, TB tests ready!

In 5 days, a lot of people have this idea of 3 or 4 letters having the ultimate power of deciding your future. *BUZZER RINGS. WRONG. If you think delaying your studies will be highly disadvantageous to you, bear in mind that as long as you have the drive to learn something new and useful, you will always learn something even if you’re not in the university that offered you a conditional offer.

“Gap year? No way!” Screw that phrase. Gap years are one of the best years in your life that you will have, provided you know what to make of it.

“But by the time I finish my degree, everyone else in my batch would be working already!” SO? Life is not a rat race. The only race you’re supposed to participate in is the race against yourself. Never ever compare yourself with other people’s accomplishments because WHY worry about someone ELSE when only YOU have control over YOUR own life. Always strive to be the better you as each day passes.

The conclusion is, when you get your results be it good or bad, KNOW that your results do NOT define you. What you do in life DEFINES you and there’s so much more than A-Levels you have left to explore.


One thought on “A-levels Anxiety.

  1. Hi Liewshn. I’m very impressed with your blog. It’s compelling, very honest and the quality of your writing is excellent. Have signed up to follow you and wish you the best with your posts. God bless all clever people! cheers. Liam.

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