Shut up, brain!

Nothing is stressing me out right now as much as settling into a university. A whole new institution in a whole new country. Culture is different, religions are different but most importantly the people are different. So far, I have only gotten one good comment made about the university I may be heading to.

“Yeah, it’s a nice place.”


“My wife works there.”

How about the bad comments? People there are racist. No asian land. Nothing is reassuring me at all. I can only hope I settle in fast and get down to business (hehe that’s a pun!). How about the accents? I am bloody slow in terms of getting used to language/accents. Well, it’s English too over there but the accent is so different from what we listen to everyday here in Bolehland. Anything la. Eat that one la. No need la haiyo.


I know I shouldn’t worry about it right now. I should stop. Yes, I should. Until I get my results. Until then I will decide whether to continue flustering myself or not.


2 thoughts on “Shut up, brain!

  1. All the best! That is a huge move, and a huge change, no doubt. In time I hope you’ll find people to be welcoming and willing to assist you in feeling comfortable with the move. There will be people around like this, and you will make friends for life. Fear not, there will be good there. Enjoy yourself as much as possible and the rest will fall into place! You can do it!

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