A list of a few things that bore me. A few, I promise!

Very few things bore me and here is a list of them:

1. Listening to a dull speech on a Saturday morning in a Toastmasters meeting about self-change, confidence-gaining and passion. PASSION. I know it is a very deep to topic to venture into it but once you attend a tad too many meetings, it gets boring. No offence to newbie Toastmasters, you will know how I feel one day.

2. Listening to a sugar-coated evaluation after a speech in a Toastmasters meeting. Sometimes, evaluators just need to spill all the important details, no matter the quantity and stop pampering the person who delivers it with ‘I think you did quite well’ and ‘You have got body language, eye contact and vocal variety. Good vocal variety, I like that’. Yes I know, newbies gotta take it slowly but it doesn’t happen to JUST newbies but even some fairly seasoned Toastmasters. We do love to embrace all the harsh constructive criticism that you throw to us because those are most worthy when it comes to improving in speech-crafting and presentation. 

People who want to evaluate speakers should be like Ily, who said this during a meeting..

“Do you want me to evaluate you full on or do you want the sugar-coated version? Scratch that question I am just going to be very harsh on you because the sugar-coated version is useless.”

3. Eating food that doesn’t excite you when it comes to your table. This is made worse when it is overpriced.

4. Bacon strips that are not crispy. There’s so much fat in it so why not make it crispy?!

5. Chicken without charred skin. BORING.

6. Teachers who don’t want to teach.

7. Soya bean milk without sugar. It just adds a whole new and necessary dimension to drinking fresh soya bean milk!

8. Most mainstream pop songs.

9. People without ambition. 


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