The vegetarian dragon. (Fictional story!)

As the dashing young knight in shiny armor was on a run, trying to escape the speedy fireballs of the fierce red dragon chasing him, he decided he badly needed a respite and would burn out at any moment. The gigantic, fierce-looking red dragon had been relentless in its chase and the young knight had been running for an hour. He survived this long as he was in the forest the whole time and the canopy blocked almost all sunlight and left the world below it in shadows of leaves. 

The young knight kept running and as he looked up, he realized there was not going to be any break for him. He escaped the forest and basked in the pleasure of the warm sunlight on that barren land he was on. It was as though God drew a line and labeled the other side of the forest ‘No Growth Allowed’. The dragon kept on chasing too. Now it was able to hover high above the knight with the aid of its kite-like wings. 

A fireball started to form in the dragon’s mouth and the knight knew he had no log or rock to use as cover. Exhausted and annoyed by the fact the dragon could chase him for such a long time, the knight turned around to face his imminent death. 

He shouts out loud, “Why are you doing this?!”

The fireball’s size decreased to nothing as the dragon felt taken aback by its victim’s odd question.

The dragon replies (in dragon language), “What do you mean why? I am a dragon and I am supposed to kill you!”

“But why do you want to kill me?” The knight replied in English, but he understood Dragonese and the dragon understood English.

He looks as the dragon with flustered eyes. The dragon sensed this. Its eyes started to blink as the dragon started to question its own motives.

“What do you mean why I want to kill you, I am just supposed to kill you!” 

“Don’t you have a reason to kill me? Don’t you know why you have been chasing me for an hour?” The knight flung his arms out of spite.

“I.. I guess I don’t. My dragon family and fellow dragon friends just told me to kill you.”

“But you don’t know why you’re doing it?”

“I guess.. I don’t.” 

“Even you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing! That’s pathetic!” The knight thought he would enrage the dragon by accidentally mocking, although he wished it doesn’t get angry.

“Huh.. I guess I don’t know why I am doing what I’m doing.” 

“So what do you want to do know?”

“I don’t actually feel the need to kill you. I actually want to turn vegetarian and stop eating cows. I hate cows. They taste like cheese. I hate cheese too.”

“Then eat grass! Go do what you want to do!”

“I guess I will now.”

“Alright, that’s good news.”

“See you Mr Knight, I am going to fly away and return to my den now. Do you want a lift back to the castle?”

“Sure, why not! Thank’s a lot man, glad to have sorted your life out.”

After 5 years, they met each other in the forest again. The knight found out that the dragon had been doing well. It became a vegetarian and stopped killing people with his fireballs for no reason.

Although its dragon family and dragon friends weren’t happy about it, one thing became most important to it: it was happy.


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