Writing your age?

It would seem unnatural to not write your age but that’s what some people can do. Good for them! How about the people who do write their age? Nothing wrong with that too.

Recently I had a chat with a friend from the same Toastmasters club. She offered me a few tips on how to improve my writing. They included..

1. Dry humour
2. Subtle sarcasm (sarcasm has cheap. low and stupid sarcasm.. subtle and classy is harder to master)
3. Less self explanatory ie. (because i think that, yeah i write this because… i feel that)
4. Try to write in a third party position. gives u a challenge on vocabulary and formulation.

Thank you for the invaluable advice dear friend, I will heed it with my whole heart.

There was one more thing she said that kept me thinking the whole night.

“You type your age.”

From there we continued to discuss how to improve in writing/speaking by NOT writing our age, how the way we formulate each post, be it Facebook or WordPress, tells people whether we are ‘childish, simple-minded or full of nothing’. Does it matter if we do show we are wise or childish when we write. To some people it does. They need to type accordingly to sell their work to a certain audience, for example published authors and aspiring website owners. To the people who just want to write because they like it, it doesn’t matter. It depends on why you write and so often people forget about why they started writing in first place and they let the result of their work, published books, widened social network or salary raise, take control of that principal impetus that made them grab onto a pen or get busy on a keyboard in the very beginning. This leads us back to the grave topic of ‘knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing’. It is imperative we have a clear idea of the absolute reason we do anything in the first place and also to not let the reasoning of the second/third party be falsely adopted as our own motives.

That’s why people feel they’re lost sometimes. At work or in college applying for a course at university level. I have encountered many people like this and I feel bad for them because there shouldn’t be any reason why you shouldn’t be doing what you want to do. I feel bad especially for people who let their parents decide their future for them.

“So why are you doing this/that course?”

“Because my parents this, because my parents that..”

So what about you?

To whoever reads this, I would love to hear your opinion on this. .


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