Dear A-levels students with As and Ds, you’re in the twilight zone.

Dear A-levels students who just obtained their results,

Was it good? Was it bad? Was it satisfactory or did it devastate you? 

If it crushed your heart and made your knees crumble like dry, brittle apple crumble, you still have local universities, gap years and Clearing. I am sure (if you did not meet your requirements) you’re already busy contacting university admission officers and college principals. If you’re still weeping and moaning about the marks you could have gotten, the chapters you should have studied a tiny bit more and the hours of studying which you could have increased, go ahead and cry. Let your tears stream down your cheeks in continuous rivulets and dry them with the sleeves of your sweaty shirt or perfume-scented summer dress every five minutes. Cried already? Great! Now get down to business.

Things are always easier said than done. I met my requirements so you’re probably going to hate it when I say ‘time to move on’ because it is ‘easier said than done’. 

It’s time to move on.

Hated me? Great. Time to move on. Grab that phone, call that number, persuade that officer, get an alternative because it is not over yet. You still have time to enter a university be it overseas or local with your results. So start by dialing that number. Go.

If you did meet your requirements, congratulations! Celebrate, party all night long and after that bring your half-drunken ass back to bed. Celebrated? Great. Stop bragging about your achievements and think about your friends who did not make the cut. Encourage them, motivate them and most importantly, support them. 

While thinking that you have a bright future in front of you having met the entry requirements of your desired university, it’s not over for you too. Degrees don’t mean anything if you do not know how to make something useful out of them. Why?

Think further. Further. What happens to you after university?

If you think it’s too early to think about what happens next, it’s never to early to plan ahead. Get cracking now if you haven’t because it’s not over for you too. I wish you the best of luck no matter who you are, where you are and what type of dilemma you’re struggling with at this moment.

Lastly, don’t give up.




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