Afternoon naps are wonderful.

Sometimes, I feel too tired to do anything. That’s when I start to question my own drive and passion for the things I do. Am I doing something just to impress others? Or am I doing it just to fill up the free time I have right now. Should I fill up my free time with something more useful or does that mean I don’t know what the hell I am really doing in my life. The feeling lasts for about an hour and usually I realize I’m stuck in this mental rut only when I repeatedly press F5 on Facebook and scroll through the same damn posts for a few times. If it isn’t Facebook, then it’s Twitter. If not Twitter, WordPress. WordPress is cool, you find many interesting reads to use up the hours in a good way. But all this leads back to me having no drive to do what I told myself I will do. Lifeless and lost, I stare at the computer screen and wonder, “Why am I doing this? Where has the passion gone to?”

Nowhere. I just needed a nap. 



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