We’re fools for money.

“Of course you can play around as a leader!” The ruler’s voice bellowed in the drab, curtainless office.

Everyone who lived on this resourceful island thought that the ruler had the face of a kindergardener. When he was newly elected as the island’s ruler, everyone had hope that he would excel in his position and remain adamant with his impressive mandate albeit having a baby face. Unfortunately, he had the mind of an infant and the mentality of toddler as well.

“Sir, there is no time play around with the priceless resources on this gold mine of an island now. We must act immediately!” shouted one of his appointed ministers.

“I appointed you, so you better shut up before I… I unappoint you. Or was it disappoint you? Hmm…”

The three ministers in his office sighed in unison.

“Very well, very well,” the frustration is obvious in the minister’s voice. Feeling dreadful as ever, the minister who shouted pondered on the moment he had a chance to be elected as leader but his altruism gave away as he had always lived by the motto ‘always give way to the young’.

“Fuck the young,” he mused.

The three ministers exchanged forlorn glances and left the young ruler in his own daydream. Once they shut his office door, they discussed plans of getting rid of the ruler. One suggested they kill him. Fastest and most effective but there would be no chance any of the three ministers would be elected as leader due to their would-be tarnished reputations and accusations. Another suggested they should organize a reelection due to the public uproar about the bias of the voting system. “It is too late and the judge would not allow it,” the second minister interjected.

They brainstormed for a month. Still no better idea.

“Let’s just kill the boy!”

“Yes, it is the fastest way.”

“And we shall make it look like an accident!”

In the upcoming days, they plotted a plan. It was a no-nonsense plan with minimum collateral damage. Since the island was rich with its natural life, they discovered that if you searched hard enough deep into the forest, you would find a never ending pit which leads to the center of the Earth. To its burning core where anything can turn into a carbon with the assistance of heat, oxygen and fuel.

“So we need to push him down there? How are we going to do that?” asked the first minister.

“Firstly, we organize an event with the aim of controlling resources extraction. We tell him the forest has been a victim all this while even before he became the ruler of the island. Then, we push him down the pit.” the second minister replied.

“There’s a huge part you are missing.. How do we get him to the forest?

“I know!”

The third minister then explained the clever idea about tempting the minister with money because the young ruler adopted the idea long before he held power that all rulers should be RICH, no matter what and how the denizens of the island feel about it. In order to be rich, the young ruler had been searching high and low for any potential cronies among the public. It was a huge island which developed quickly right after the island became independent of any other rulers except their own

Oddly, the whole plan worked like a charm. The disappearance of the island’s formal ruler entailed a reelection and fortunately for the third minister, he became the new leader of the island. He too became very greedy for money. Five months later, the third minister disappeared strangely as well and the second minister was the newly appointed ruler. He stayed on for another ten years became everyone else was too afraid of dying in such sudden and mysterious ways.

And that’s how money controls us.


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