‘I don’t have enough time’

Typhoons are no joke. Even the after effect of a typhoon, which is what my family experienced in the morning. Now, I will be able to empathize with anyone who has experienced flight delay. We could have taken only 4 hours instead of 6 hours to take off, land and settle in our respective hotel rooms.

2 hours is a big difference. I am upset and to make my frustration seem less like a rant, here’s a list of things you can do in 2 hours:

1. Watch two episodes of Masterchef Australia.

2. Eat, exercise and take a bath afterwards without rush.

3. Cook spaghetti bolognese (including preparation time).

4. Marinade and roast some chicken.

5. Take a nap. Or two.

6. Make chicken rice for dinner. Chicken rice is one of Asia’s most famous AND decadent dish. Never in my (and your) life will chicken taste THAT good, complemented with chicken-scented rice (EQUALLY delicious).

7. Learn HTML basics.

8. Clean up your study table.

There is much MORE you can do than this (the list). 2 hours is an ample amount of time. We can be productive. You don’t have to master productivity. It is not a skill which requires you to subscribe to an online course. It is the habit of finding time to do something you have always wanted to do but never failing to excuse yourself from it with the line ‘I don’t have enough time’.

Yes you do. FIND the time.


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