Someone burped in my face but I’m happy about it.

I had fun celebrating my birthday. Of walking around in a hall, testing different types of wines from various European countries with a rented glass, and walking around the bustling streets of Hong Kong where its denizens throng across the road at every red light, this day was satisfyingly eye-opening.

The day kicked off with endless enquiries from SMEs from the US, Japan and Korea. The man from California who was selling premium olive oil was a subtle reminder of how the art of public speaking doesn’t JUST apply to public speaking but to pitching an idea or concept too. I should deliver a speech soon at Taylor’s University’s Lecture Theatre 11. It shall be about ways of crafting a winning speech. Or will it?

In Hong Kong, fat is power. As in food. Some dishes just won’t do without fat. For example, char siew, duck, goose, chicken and so on. Also, joy is derived from eating egg tarts.

In Hong Kong, everything is expensive. Don’t you dare splash your cash on bags or underwear. As you resist yourself from spending money on overpriced ice-cream, you will realize that almost everyone’s a rude foot-stepping shoulder-shoving motherf*cker. Not only do they think you have poor hearing, they think it would be so delightful to share the melodies of Burping Favorites with everyone around them.

I hope I don’t scare Si Ning enough to withdraw her application from the local university here. Si Ning, manners don’t exist here. Don’t forget to enjoy the egg tarts though.

Was today memorable? Hell yeah! Aside from the birthday wishes and unsurpassed food preparation in Yung Kee, an Australian exhibitor awarded me a free bottle of peach tea for having expressed interest in organic and gluten-free muesli.

Today was a good day. Every day should be a good day. No matter what comes in the way, there WILL always be one or two incidents worth being happy about. So, go find something to be happy about.


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