Daily prompt: on the edge

I can’t stand a day without learning a new word which of course includes using it in a sentence CORRECTLY. I admit it. I do try to use big words sometimes. And then I met…

Jeffery Archer

…’s book.

The heartfelt satisfaction of finishing a book is priceless. I am sure you have felt like that before. Whenever I feel that the unread part of the book is getting thinner as each day passed, I will deliberately slow down my reading pace just to delay finishing the book.

Thoughts about And Thereby Hangs A Tale: he is a plot genius. Short stories attract many types of readers but the true essence of a short story lies in it’s brevity. If a story (of a mere seven pages) could make you feel as if you have read it for three months, then it is a good story. With short stories, there’s not much room to elaborate on petty details which don’t relate to the purpose of a certain character.

EVERYTHING you write about MUST relate to the plot. If not, you better hold on that Backspace button furiously upon discovering the last two paragraphs were descriptive (just because you like describing things).

In every short story, brevity is king and Jeffery Archer definitely is king in And Thereby Hangs A Tale.


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