Daily prompt: fifteen credits. // Taylor’s.

I’m still in ‘school’ but I am absolutely glad that I have left Taylor’s College.

In college, we were bred like battery chickens. Forced to adapt to long lectures and minimal break time like chickens being forced to accustom to small spaces and minimal sunlight, I didn’t enjoy this style of ‘learning’. I will never enjoy it. 

How are you supposed to fit so much information into your brain in one day? The learning process requires time. It does not TAKE UP some time. It NEEDS that time. We REQUIRE time to learn and it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ situation because different people learn differently.

We listen, practice and think differently. The problem with education institutions is that we presume if you do not excel well in a certain examination, you will never excel in life. Or does that sound like us? 

At a young age, we were taught to look at the low-scoring students as society’s vermin. They were stupid, they didn’t write neatly, they didn’t know how to do math, they didn’t finish their homework to be passed to teacher a day after it was assigned.

So they were punished, criticized, embarrassed in front of a whole class of 40+ students laughing at them while they were brainwashed to believe, to hold as dogma eternally, to have it ingrained in their deepest nerve cell that if you can’t do what they tell you to do, you’re rubbish.

This is how it all started. Thus, the belief that we should, we need, we MUST do well in whatever examination you sit for in college. Some do extraordinarily well and they don’t even know what is the damn use of it. Some flunk and defer to the year after’s programme intake BUT they KNOW what to do to get to where they want to be.

Hence, that is how the OUTSTANDING ones were born. They did not follow the system. They followed their OWN system.


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