The perfect moment

Yesterday night, we were alive. Good food, good company and board games, what else could you ask for? Maybe there’s a perfectly comprehensible reason why I enjoyed it. And maybe there’s none but who cares about whether it was the perfect night or not because we enjoyed ourselves, indulged in each other’s company and had fun slamming counter bells. That’s all that matters isn’t it? We did all those things despite knowing that soon we will all go our separate ways, make different friends and maybe even not speak to each other anymore in twenty years.

We worry too much about the future.

We shouldn’t worry about the future but all we do is plan, plan and plan the future so we don’t worry about it tomorrow. Ironic, isn’t it?

So what about now? As for me, staying up to watch Ruby Sparkles with my girlfriend at 2 in the morning isn’t a good or a bad thing. It depends on how you look at it actually but one fact remains: I like it so I do it. Will I wake up early in the morning with eyebags? Yes. Will I feel more drained in the morning? Will my parents admonish me for coming home so late the next morning? Likely.

But at that moment, try as hard as possible to not think of the petty consequences that will ultimately mar the level of excitement and unbridled joy you were experiencing at that fleeting moment.

Think if it this way: the photographer spends his or her time taking top quality photos. As a result, he or she never gets the chance to feast with his or her own eyes on that irreplaceable second of for example, the perfect couple moment when the guy looks at her with adoring eyes that everyone else around them will never be graced with.

We let beautiful moments slip away too often because we subconsciously think about how we should treasure them, immortalized them, be it capturing it on film or minimizing the negative effects of whatever we had done last night. We are too afraid to ruin the moment, the fear of it paralyzes us so we try to make it perfect by altering the minute details.

The overlooked truth is, no moment is ‘perfect’. There is always going to be a flaw somewhere. So let us stay put in that priceless second and not try to make it perfect. Any moment is perfect if you’re in it.


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