Sacrifices and time.

As I stay up late to add on the finishing touches to my speech, I must admit it is more than difficult to cultivate habits.

Recently, I planned to:

1) Learn some French everyday.

2) Read everyday. (This means fiction)

3) Write down new words and their definitions everyday.

4) Publish a post on WordPress everyday.

Has my schedule gotten busier or has time just decided to take a long break from its duty? Whatever it is I feel there’s not enough time on this world. I need the extra time. I just need it because so far it appears that I have not organized my time appropriately lately. Of course, that will be my fault. It’s funny because I tend to implore to everyone around me that ‘It is not that you don’t have enough time, you just need to make time for it’.

As for now, I’m dedicating more time to spending time with my love and other social activities but I do miss taking my own sweet time improving myself with those four tasks everyday. Sometimes, we just need to sacrifice our own time for someone else. Will that be more fruitful than spending time alone? It will not disappoint you. There’s a reason why human relationships are at times more worth cultivating than picking up a new hobby but don’t let this rob you of your own freedom of doing the things you like. 

I need to sleep now. I have to wake up in five hours as well. Shaun, organize your time properly.


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