Does ‘bombastic’ sound bombastic?

After much listening to an experienced Toastmaster’s evaluation of the club, there were two things I pondered on:

1. She mentioned and emphasized on the vision of the world’s current leading entrepreneurs. It was because they had a vision to help others, to contribute to their own countries. Take for example, Mark Zuckerburg. It started with him hankering after an easier alternative for everyone to connect, to communicate more easily and to spur new unexpected relationships. It didn’t start with a vision for HIMSELF to connect with everyone more easily. Everything he created was for the people who he wanted to reach out to. It wasn’t for him, it was for them.

Imagine Facebook was created to make life easier for him and him ONLY. It wouldn’t be called Facebook, a platform for flexing networking muscles anymore. He wouldn’t even share this idea with you anyway. Sell it? Keep the idea to himself? There is no way to predict what he would have done if Facebook wasn’t born to be for the benefit of the people around him, at a global scale.

What we do know is it affected the majority of internet users. It effected wider networks to be established. It made the cat photo obsession widespread, it funded incredible startups and it allowed me to be friends with a fellow Gooner from my Toastmasters club, who is a fount of technology knowledge and has all the insights on which laptop would suit me best. He’s a profound thinker. I am aware of this. Hence, my second thought.

2. Is bombastic a bombastic word?

This hit me amidst hearing the General Evaluator using the word itself for a reason I could not remember. So really, is bombastic a bombastic word? I threw this question at SK. His answer? The efficacy of any word used (every word is used to communicate if you think about it for a while) really relies on your target audience.

If you use ‘bombastic’ around a bunch of British Council students, ‘bombastic would probably be a VERY common word. Use it around a bunch of people who hasn’t mastered the English language yet? You will probably be using a VERY bombastic word.

It is very funny how ironic people are when they use the phrase ‘try not to use bombastic words’ to admonish communicators who haven’t done sufficient audience research. Doesn’t ‘bombastic’ sound bombastic?


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