Subang Jaya condominium says NO to African tenants.

Malaysians are very hypocritical when it comes to racism. We go against anything racist but when something awful like a robbery (rape case, kidnapping case, haze, murder by bullets, murder by police batons and the list goes on because Malaysians’ awareness of crime has gone up with the crime rate but the ruling coaltion denies this) happens, we put any race than our own’s stereotype up and put aside our own stereotypes in an argument.

Today, The Malay Mail online published an article about how the the majority of residents living in a condominium voted and agreed unanimously to ban African tenants. This is disappointing news and it resembles the type of people we have in Malaysia – against racism but turns bloody racist whenever it comes to the risk of their own safety.

“According to the memo, the presence of Africans has created “a lot of nuisance and problems to the community”, which in turn has driven down the property value of units there.”

Do all Africans cause trouble? If you agree that they do, you sound like someone who assumes when a Chinese baby is born, he will be a doctor at the instant he starts squalling. There was once Michael Teoh shared some food for thought with a couple of TEDxKL colleagues and I and it was this: when you start to assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME.

Don’t people feel embarrassed when they need to eat crow after presuming WRONGLY that the character of a person is determined by the character of the majority of his race? It is sad to see these condominium residents acting so childishly, playing around with prejudice just to omit the minority. It is also truly disheartening to see fellow Malaysian citizens taint the already tainted reputation of the country’s cultural tolerance.


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