I really miss playing football.

Clouds were scarce and the sun was heating everything beneath it at a rapid pace like a microwave. This was the view from the 10th floor where all that can be seen is highways and house projects construction underway. Near the horizon there were some mountains but their greenery was marred by the floating dust particles which rose from the construction sites. He preferred the view of the landscape from the ground floor of the shopping mall because his eyes would be spared of the depressingly horrible view. “What happened to the trees?” he thought.

At the 10th floor of the apartment there was a spinal care center. His sister was left in utter disgust of the doctor’s abrupt disposition but her brother felt otherwise. He regarded it as productivity although he felt an awkward prickle on his neck when the doctor replied his sister’s last question (after a series of unnecessary ones) with a terse ‘Sorry, I have other patients waiting outside’.

“Useless bugger,” she murmured gloomily to her brother…

but that didn’t stop his brother from heeding the doctor’s advice.

It has been almost two years (maybe less but it felt like it has been forever) since he last stepped into a futsal court. He craves being the player who passes in unpredictable directions again. He misses shoving his opponents to retain possession. Most of all, he longs for the ecstasy of scoring goals but right now all he can settle for is much treasured time spent with the game FIFA. FIFA 10, FIFA 14 or even PES. He has nothing else that can make him feel more alive on a pitch although he has only virtual ones.

He snaps out of his daydream of putting on his lovely pair of Puma futsal shoes for a quick match and gets thrown on the ground hard by this harsh uncompromising reality. He has scoliosis. His backbone is abnormally curved. Some tiny holes were not supposed to be on the X-ray of his spine. He knows it is going to take more than two months of rehabilitation The doctor mentioned nine but he expects a whole year because he learned to never expect so much after going through mentally and physically agonizing experiences.

At this moment, he’s relieved there’s a solution but with that solution he foresees sacrifices. Financial sacrifices, social sacrifices and what not.

He doesn’t care how long it will take, he just wants to play football without sharp pains and numb legs.

He’s desperate to feel alive again.


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