Moving out of your comfort zone. And driving long distances.

Speeding through the blacked-out highway, he knows on his uneven shoulders he carries heavy responsibilities but the most important one that filled the conscious part of his mind was making sure everyone arrived the destination safely.

As the cool air outside rushed in the car through half-open windows, water condensed on the windscreen of his black macho-looking car. Worrying that it might cause a fatal accident, he hastily wiped it off while remaining composed with the steering wheel. 140km/h in darkness with only the headlights of few cars and roadside reflectors illuminating the road, he thinks of all the worst outcomes. Anxiety is slowly engulfing him whole.

One on hand, he has the power to have everyone arrive safely and on the other, he has the ability to cause the worst of all heartaches of his and his friends’ parents’ lifetime. Maybe taking the bus could have been a better idea but he knew he would be highly discouraged by all he cared deeply about. Driving through states is definitely out of his comfort zone but so are other things that are about to happen: studying overseas, long distance relationship and adjusting to a whole new lifestyle 17 hours away by plane from home.

Now he is safe. With all his other friends. A new comfort zone has been formed and some parts of the unknown have become known tonight but he knows there are many more grey areas to step into. Driving long distances, ticked. How about the other items in his list of ‘things I that make me uncomfortable’?

One by one, he knows he must tick all the boxes eventually. He must.


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