Water shortage and survival.

Today, a small blue ice box let me brush my teeth.

Two days ago, there was a diesel spill caused by a tanker which overturned near the Selangor river a.k.a Sungai Selangor. I found out about it in the morning my friends and I were supposed to leave for a Melaka-Seremban road trip. I thought I was quite fortunate as the water shortage would not affect Melaka or Negeri Sembilan. So, I left home blissfully unaware of how my family would need to deal with the crisis themselves while I would be busy indulging in salted egg crabs in Seremban for dinner.

After two days of being a tourist in our own country, we left Seremban and were home-bound. I found it troublesome to do anything in the household without water flowing freely through every single tap, primarily cleaning up. Whether it is cleaning up ourselves, the dishes or our digestive system, the main ingredient of these imperative lifestyle habits is water. Without water, there would be no ‘I am going to bathe five times today’, ‘let’s wash up the dishes’ and drinking tea in the afternoon.

On the other side of the world in the poorest 3rd world countries, water scarcity is the norm. It makes you not want to take granted of the availability of water, even if you live in one of the richest countries in the world. Well, it is supposed to make you realize that but some people just forget how invaluable it is sometimes and I, unfortunately fall in the same category. It isn’t wrong for people to forget the hardships they have been through to get to where they are now but it is not right to NOT empathize with the people who are in same situation you were once in. We are the same. We are not different in the sense that we fight to survive and only the toughest will strive…

…but that is an animalistic mindset.

We are not animals. Scientists would say we were once but what’s the point of arguing who’s right or wrong in the middle of a crisis. All ego battles are irrelevant when it comes to going to somebody’s aid amid a war where depending on each other, no matter what our skin color, mother tongue or religion is, is key to survival. So, I wrote this post to let you know this: I brushed my teeth today and if weren’t for the man working for Syabas (it’s a water company) who drove the water lorry around my housing area an hour ago, I would not be able to let him fill this blue ice box with clean water. Water to brush my teeth and yours.



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