Thoughts on studying overseas.

Weather. People. Culture. Food. The cars, the churches and everything else in between can described with one word in the UK: different. All these things we once took for granted here, we will appreciate there. For example, the heat. We complain when it is hot, we complain when it is raining. Start adjusting yourself to the cold and continuous drizzle you will experience there. Then try coming back to Malaysia and say you still hate the heat.

Some people just don’t like the heat at all but not me. I love it when the sun is up, I love it when I sweat and feel cooler than when I was in an air conditioned room and most of all I love it when the ground is so refreshingly cool after a heavy downpour of cats and dogs. Here in Bolehland, the rain stops after a while. There, it never stops.

What else? The food. Seafood. Prepare to settle for puny peeled prawns instead of the king prawns we have here. Also, no more roadside nasi lemak stalls to buy little cheap packets of indulgence. When staying in the UK, make sure you start cooking at your own accommodation kitchen to get the most value for money because there are no more hawker stalls over there.

The idea of living independently is daunting but the more afraid you are of it, the more you KNOW you NEED to do it. Doing laundry will be out of my comfort zone but sooner or later it will be within my comfort zone and so will every other thing you are about to face when studying overseas. Moving out of your comfort zone is something to dread but the award of breaking down that unfamiliar barrier is priceless. The results will surprise you. Day by day you grow into a more competent person which isn’t something only the people who are about to study overseas are going to experience. Everyone has the choice whether they want to go past that safety zone and start walking on an unknown path. Not just soon-to-be international students, not just local students, not just fresh graduates who are finding a job with good pay. Everyone.

Most of the time, feeling uncomfortable with the new is a good sign you’re stretching your capabilities to an extent it has never reached before. So, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you’re going to accomplish something great whenever you feel afraid of the new or unknown.

On a random note, my girlfriend typed this out with her nose: ukoktg. She wanted to contribute to my post. 😀


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