Thank you, TUTMC.

Today I had a gathering with my classmates and Toastmasters buddies. It happened in my house.

We had a good time. Good food and good company, what’s not to like but today I am not writing this to express the joy I felt for the warm embrace of all my friends.

While sending off Zahir, Yean Yi, Dylan, Seng Kiat, Subbra and Rachel, I was deeply affected. Saying our goodbyes was just another reminder that we are bound to go our own ways and it might be very long until we could see each other once again. Not just as friends but as fellow Toastmasters who spent a brief but meaningful and life-changing year together supporting each other. Those early mornings when we dreaded to deliver a speech or play a role are unforgettable and will forever be remembered as though already permanently instilled in the deepest parts of my mind. Why does it seem only when we are about to part, we get so much closer to each other. Friends, family, acquaintances all feel the same impact. 

It’s strange. I don’t understand this. Why didn’t we bond much easily when we still had so much time together? Why wait until we have so little time to only decide later to make the most of it?

One thing I am certain about: I will miss those mornings. I will miss the stifled air in the lecture theatre, the club visitors and the executive committee I have worked with. Never forgetting the rest of the club, I want to let you know you have changed my life significantly. Without the club and its invaluable members, I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

Wilson, Lalitha, Ashikin, Leon, Rachel, Seng Kiat, Zahir, Dylan, Azwan, Yean Yi and Subbra, you’re wonderful.


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