This is a rant about idiots who support the government because they think BN will help the economy. Warning: this is a rant.

Would you hate me if I said the word ‘Allah’?

In an interview between an Al-Jazeera reporter and our current prime minister Najib Razak, this dialogue took place.

“I went to a mass in Behrut and they speak in Arabic and they say ‘Allah’ a lot. Why is that a problem in Malaysia?”

“It’s a problem because the concept of Allah is different in a muslim sense in Malaysia.”

“But then there are muslims in Lebanon as well,”

“Yes yes I know but it’s different in a cultural milieu. There is different than here so that we don’t upset the muslims in Malaysia. Muslims don’t upset the christians in Malaysia and we have lived in harmony for so long. Is it such a big issue we can’t manage?”

This issue that Najib Razak has mentioned was not even an issue in the beginning. He was referring to the notorious case that was brought to court because the word ‘Allah’ was seen in the bible if you feel lost. Incompetent leaders like him tend to cause something out of nothing. Please take care of the overspending, will you?

Stupid controversies like the word ‘Allah’ being printed onto the bible is ubiquitous nowadays in our beloved Bolehland. I sincerely hope the citizens of this country stops getting brainwashed. Some get it because they lack access to an alternative source for information of local issues but some selfish idiots get affected because they’re guaranteed a short term reward.

Vote BN for the economy, anyone?

Why do people think BN will help our economy’s growth anyway? Look at us now, another big hike in fuel prices and the same is expected for our electricity bills next year.

I feel dumbstruck whenever someone comes up to me and say they support BN because they will help the economy, unlike Pakatan Rakyat. Is that really all you care about? Malay extremists threatened to kill the Chinese and Indians with ‘parangs’ in your own neighbourhood just because they didn’t vote for BN. Don’t you care about that? Or did you vote BN just because your own family’s ‘economy’ will improve?

We don’t need propaganda anymore. What we really need is logic and integrity to come together and turn into a solution for our country’s everlasting predicament of racial divides and corrupted insiders. Also, we don’t need 1Malaysia to sound as though we live harmoniously to the outsiders that have nothing but the internet and mainstream news channels to know more about Malaysians.

The interview was full of shit. All of the prime minister’s replies were feeble and sounded like what a socially inept guest in a Toastmasters meeting would say during table topics. Just look at his awkward body gestures. Shoulders stiff and legs shaking like a little boy’s before getting an injection.

Not signs of a great leader.

If you can’t even control yourself in an interview, how are you going to control a country?

Oh right, with the power of taxes, fuel price hikes and propaganda of course. 

Wake up Malaysians.


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