Social media and what it lacks.

Let me be clear, social media is not something to joke about. It is evidently a platform for not only the youth but also previous generations to speak their minds. We say social media is what the youth can take advantage of ONLY because the trend caught on when MORE of us started using it. So, let’s not forget the working class and retired CEOs who have it in the palm of their hands TOO if they need to spread a message, shall we?

I have digressed slightly. My apologies.

Why did I mention social media? Because it’s clearly something aspiring youth leaders are currently taking advantage of. I see it everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Friendster… I’m joking about Friendster by the way. 

The obvious thing to do now is to join in the bandwagon of these leaders. But I don’t feel the urge too. I should, right? Social media is a HUGE HIT of the decade. Well, it’s something not to be missed but there’s something much more important than updating your organization’s Facebook page: speaking.

One thing that the social media doesn’t provide is SINCERITY in any sentence.

Saying ‘That was great!’ with a smiley face doesn’t and will never surpass the act of smiling sincerely in front of the person you’re complimenting. Now, smiling sincerely doesn’t include AT all smiling like how a cheerleader was trained to smile. That’s not special. What’s special is doing it in your own way, even if it makes you look ugly due to the seemingly squinting eyes you display. 

This is just one of the many things the social media does not and will NEVER offer to the average internet user, unless it one day goes batshit crazy like Apple and their iPhone 5C series. 

Therefore, go out there and talk to people. Even if it makes you feel like a loser because through the tiny mistakes you make,  you will EVENTUALLY become someone who others term as ‘naturally sociable’. 

Now get off your Facebook.


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