Finally registered. FINALLY!

A big thank you to my sister who I will reward lavishly soon with manual labour.

Today there were no almost breakdowns. I’m proud of myself.

Also, I officially registered as a student today. Yong Jian Liew is now a Leeds University student. Woohoo! Check out my student ID. Now let’s cut the crap with the congratulations and agree that it looks cheap.


I have to admit that Taylor’s College’s student card looked much fancier. Of course, this is because the fees looked fancy as well.

I envy how some Malaysians have their English/Christian name in their passports. They don’t have to be referred to as for example Yong Jian Liew instead of Shaun Liew. Why don’t schools in the UK understand that we have three names and refer to us as e.g Liew Yong Jian. It is undeniably weird saying or hearing it being said the other way around. Yong Jian Liew. Ew.

Walked to the Maurice Keyworth Building too to inquire about modules. The school’s architecture was astounding: a blend of the old and modern. Inside it, along the corridors and passing the lecture rooms, it was quiet and warm. REALLY warm. I wonder if any of my course mates will be reading this. If you are, come and talk to me if you see me.

If you don’t, I will be the one who will approach you but if possible don’t think that I am pissed or sleepy all the time. That is just me being expressionless. Really.

Last but not least, my sister not only went shopping for commodities with me but ALSO carried my – as she would like to call it – shit for me. Thank you Sher-Maine. I know you won’t be reading this but you suck for not reading it thank you so much.


2 thoughts on “Finally registered. FINALLY!

  1. Take it as “Yong Jian, Liew”. And then teach them how Chinese surnames work!

    And good try describing the architecture, for a layperson.

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