Of small bathrooms and possibly, expired milk.

Still trying to get used to NOT moving around freely in my shower. At every step you take, it must be a wise one. Move your arm in the wrong direction once and you might just end up trying to fish a bottle cap out from the toilet bowl. 

What else is small?

I’d like to think that in my family, students who studied abroad always get the most puny accommodation, or at least the smallest among other rooms. This is evident with concrete evidence from test subjects such as my sister and I. Hers in Manchester, mine in Leeds.

Is this a conspiracy? Damn you accommodation officers, always giving the Liew members small rooms. I understand that I’m small because I’m Asian but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary for my head to be so near to the sink whenever I defecate. Well, I discovered a perk from it. I get to rest my awkward right arm on the sink whenever I decide to read a story book.

It took me three long toilet visits which were all induced by milk and muesli consumption early in the morning. My stomach just has an odd way of dealing with milk. Or maybe it has already expired. Not too sure about that but I know now that I should change my breakfast meals to rice dishes.

Because rice is the shit. 


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