Tomorrow, I will need to wake up for a class at 9am. It will last for an hour. My second class of the day would be at 5pm. It will last for an hour also. That would mean that I will have a 7-hour break. This is by far one of the longest breaks I have ever had. The previous title holder was the 3-hour break in Taylor’s College Subang Jaya; but, what is TCSJ when you have the University of Leeds stomping on all of TCSJ’s ego and snatching that title away from them with a swift snatch.

Normally one would presume that you can do so much in 7 hours. You actually can. I presumed likewise. However, I have never thought that the huge amount of time would be spent mostly on house chores. This is one of the many perks of being an overseas student. You are bound to do house chores and it will be all for yourself. So if you find a crinkly shirt in your limited and unassuming array of garments, it is most probably your fault. Yes, ‘most probably’ is indeed very sarcastic in this context. You got it right! Now is the part where I slowly but surely transform into a master of laundry-doing, with practice sessions of 80 minutes per week or two. You know what they say…

“Practice makes perfect!”

Hence, through trial and error you will eventually be comfortable with the things you once felt uneasy with. So go spend extra on that laundry machine and remember eternally to ALWAYS use one laundry machine at a time.


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