Feedback PLEASE!

Hello world, I haven’t been writing much lately on this WordPress blog I created about two months ago. However, I am bent on writing more and more and this WILL eventually accumulate and become something wonderful. I am working on a short story now in which its stimulus is ‘balloons’ given by my flatmate, Serena. Please look out for that over the next few days not because I think it might appeal to your thoughts and muses but because I need the feedback. 

Feedback is always good, be it constructive or destructive; it depends on how you look at it. Toastmasters always promote constructive criticism and this is evident in their evaluations but I can’t help to notice the term ‘constructive criticism’ has become hackneyed, along with other terms such as ‘body gestures’ and ‘vocal variety’. I must admit I use these terms to the wandering foreigners on Toastmastersland. What a hypocrite I am. What a hypocrite you are. Everyone are hypocrites, don’t you agree? My sincerest apologies for I have digressed.

So while waiting for that short story to be released, please comment on my Facebook post or my blog to let me know how this blog could be improved. I accept anything and everything. Fire ahead.


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