I really miss home. Do you?

I really miss home. I miss almost everything about it.

I miss my family.

I miss my dogs, Zorro and Lucky.

I miss my pots and pans.

I miss not cleaning them up after using them.

I miss being busy in the kitchen only when there’s an occasion.

I miss my mom and dad giving me feedback on whatever I cooked on that night.

I miss the neighbourhood guards, the birds chirping at the birth of each day signalled by the first few hints of sunlight at 7 am.

I miss the temperamental skies, turning from blue to red, orange, purple, orange again and finally pitch black with a few but conspicuous stars, of sparkling dot peppered across the skies with the chirps of crickets and continuous trill of little frogs below it.

I miss nights like these when I could just open the window and let my ears bathe in this sweet shower of nature’s melody.

I miss hearing a few muted knocks in my room during a rarely chilly afternoon after a rainstorm, parting ways with the comfort of my ergonomically crafted office chair to shift my attention from dull college work to a handsome woodpecker (not sure if it was) with a red mohawk tirelessly pecking on the dark green mirror windows of my neighbour’s household.

I miss the food in Malaysia. Where else can you find awesome Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice (now now Singapore let’s not start a debate), Char Kuey Teow, Ais Kacang, Cendol, Economy Rice, Pork Ball Noodles and the list goes on( and on and on and on strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard).

I miss the sun. Don’t you too, students who are studying in the UK? Those sultry days where you can afford to wear ONLY a t-shirt and shorts to last you a whole day. Most of the time, we try so hard to find air-conditioned rooms and stay in there too long so we put on our hoodies and when we can’t stand the cold we walk out the room and complain about the ridiculously hot weather, ergo restarting the ‘Why is it so hot today?’ cycle.

I miss the thunderstorms where road users are forced to go slow and this is when I listen to Business FM (BFM, 89.9! The business station!)’s daily talk shows, especially Talkback Tuesdays and Thursdays. The idea of calling up the station to express a personal opinion on air still unnerves me.

I miss seeing friends everywhere I go.

I miss going for ‘yamcha’ sessions at night, indulging in Teh Tarik and Roti Canai. Normally my order would be ‘Dua Roti Canai thank you’.

I miss driving my sister’s/parents’ Nautica around.

I miss having dinner at Hsu-Ven’s place.

I miss watching football with her and her dad.

I miss tasting her grandma’s delightful Kelantanese dishes.

Of course, I miss the food my mom whips up at home too. If not, more.

I miss watching football with my dad. He normally supports Arsenal if they’re winning and puts the opponent on a pedestal if the opponents are leading in the score at that time.

I miss those 7-10 hour Viber calls with Hsu-Ven. We normally end our days talking to each other and at some point, half-drifting into our respective snoozes, lulled by each other’s voices.

Finally, I miss feeling as though home is near; although I’m so far away from home, it will forever have an undisputedly reserved place in my heart.


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