Why I started to cook.

Have I told you I recently bought a ring of chorizo for 2 quid? 

A few years ago I probably would not have known what ‘chorizo’ meant. I remember wanting to learn how to cook to impress girls as I haven’t always had the confidence to talk to any girl. Heck, you could impress anyone if you knew how to cook and this is the inarguably obvious trend we see nowadays on so many social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

I remember I really wanted to impress Hsu-Ven with something which I cooked. So, I whipped up some penne with pork meatballs. I made the meatballs from scratch and it was my first time making meatballs from scratch. I took quite sometime to cut the meat up, add the seasoning, breadcrumbs and flour. I also remember having told that it took me a while to make them and she tossed me the curt reply of ‘it is easy to make what’. She elaborated, “Just add the seasoning and roll into a ball lah!” 

Until now I still feel the need to tell her how mincing the meat without a damn mincer/whatever fancy machine you’ve got was arduous. 

It was one of the few dishes I made to impress her. I even remember her remark on my secondhand (reheated it and added some other stuff in it) dish.

“What’s that?” she replied.  

“They are noodles with some pork!”

“Ew!” she went on.

Ticked off by her crude remark, I decided to improve in cooking. I watched videos all night long, read books and turned the kitchen upside down. I repeated that several times until I got to a basic understanding of how to cook meat, rice, vegetables and etc. I started to see how things ticked, how meat cooks and learnt a plethora of tips and techniques from celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay as they were all over YouTube. I developed a passion for healthy eating; it doesn’t have to be organic; it just has to be simple; it just has to make sense and you just need to let food be food and not toy around with it too much.

The lessons I picked up along the way?

Cook with your eyes and nose. If you’re not baking, throw out the measurements list and cook with common sense. Be logical. Trust your instincts. Make mistakes. Eat your mistakes. Never repeat your mistakes. Be brave and let things happen by themselves sometimes.

This post is dedicated to Hsu-Ven. She really made me want to cook at the beginning of my foray into the culinary world. She made me want to win her heart through cooking. Maybe if I never met her, I would have started cooking at some point in my life anyway; but, since she got me thinking of ways to impress her, I now love cooking. 



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