I love clubbing LOL no

Today terrible things happened.

I never knew going to the club could do three things: contain terrible people, make people do terrible things and play terrible music. It is lovely to go with a bunch of good friends and also meet a few old friends who offer you champagne so spontaneously (thank you Brandon!) but you do meet terrible people there too.

Desperate girls snatching your phone away and shamelessly entering their number into your phone without your permission is one type. Another is people who strive to get drunk so that he or she will be will not be liable for anything he or she does whilst in their own drunken haze. For example, a friend of my sister’s told me to f*** off after interrupting a conversation I was having with somebody. I don’t even know him well and vice versa.

I’d like to think he has balding problems because his hair does look a little… Shall we say, scarce?

When people get drunk, their ego temporarily increases tenfold, along with their confidence; and, their dignity decreases tenfold.

About the music that was being played in the club a while ago, it is evident it wasn’t ‘the people’s choice’. Basically, there was no house music being played. Instead, R&B was the lasting genre of the club’s tunes.

But, were the songs really hard to listen to or are we just really terrible in dancing?

Above all of the terrible things I came across this early morning, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Manchester for the following reasons:

1. Zedd’s concert was awesome.
2. Met up with some lovely people to chill. Thanks for the hospitality Derrick! You too Sher-Maine!
3. Made new friends.
4. Arsenal won.
5. Finally seeing the truer/ darker side of people. This is helpful so that whenever you come across idiots like Balding Problems, you know you shouldn’t waste your utterly most precious time sparing a thought for them. Thus, more time for you to club do more useful things in life.

Good night everyone.


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