Missing home in a weird way.

I’m beginning to get very groovy whenever I hear songs like Libella Swing.

Listen to it.

Have you listened to it? Good! Don’t you want to get groovy with me now?

Besides that, I cooked spaghetti today. It has been a whole month or two since I last cooked spaghetti aglio olio at home. I miss my tupperware of spices that my aunt gave to me last year. She got it from her Italian restaurant partner and the smell that pervades the deepest ends of my nostrils still lingers and it feels as though it’s calling out to me…

“Hey Shaun! Don’t buy that junk, that mixed Italian seasoning from Tesco! Use me!”

Oh you don’t know how badly I need you, Italian herb mix in a tupperware sitting on top of the unused wine cooler. Come here and flavour my spaghetti for me, I can’t do it alone. 



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