Dear friends back home…

It has been long since I have last updated this blog. Maybe it is because I forgot the whole purpose of it, or maybe the purpose of having this blog has already changed. I might have figured out what the new purpose is and this I realised today when mum and dad were sending me pictures of them having dinner in Shangri-La. It feels as though their love for each other has gotten better after I departed for Leeds a month ago. I know from a raft of good night messages that they miss me deeply and that feeling is reciprocal.

It isn’t just them who I miss. I also miss Hsu-Ven for obvious reasons; but, this post isn’t going to be about Hsu-Ven (again). It’s a grave mistake that I have left out acknowledging my friends back home for a month and it is because of Zhenyu that I feel like this today. He sent a tweet to me yesterday and it made me think “Shit, it has been so long man!”

This blog was initially a platform for me to improve the way I write and to open my eyes forcefully and embrace previously unknown styles of writing in the blogosphere. Wow! Blogosphere is a word! SEE WHAT I MEAN.

Now, I think this blog should be a way to let my friends back home know how I have been doing in Leeds, what happened today in university and whatnot. So, here goes:

Dear friends,

Today marked the start of self-discipline and change. I slept at 1+ a.m and woke up at 11 a.m. Well, I actually woke up to turn off the alarm at 8 a.m, an act which I would never repeat. I feel more tired here, needing approximately 10 hours of sleep instead of 7  like in Malaysia. It is mysterious how I used to be able to wake up at 8 a.m without the nuisance of an alarm clock but now even after 10 hours of sleep, I still feel groggy upon waking up.

I have procrastinating much more here as well. For example, my plan for today was to start it off with breakfast at 8 a.m and leave my room for The Edge (gym) to get some light swimming done. Obviously, that did not work out well and as a result I had to squeeze in with other swimmers at about 3 p.m and even got kicked by a young girl in the arm. That pissed me off. The fact that her dad was there observing her pissed me off even more. Don’t swim across lanes damn it!

My apologies for the slight digression. Moving on!

A storm was forecasted in the south of UK and was predicted to affect some parts of the north as well. As I stepped out of the refectory after a frugal meal of beans and mushrooms with rice, my eyes feasted on the view on both the left and right of the entrance. It was such a beautiful day, I thought! Immediately I took a picture and sent it through WA to my mum and typed ‘I don’t think the storm will affect Leeds’.

Two hours later, I had to cycle back in utter darkness at 6 p.m. It had already gotten unusually dark at 5 p.m anyway.

I just had to jinx it…

That worried me as I didn’t bring my bike lights with me in the morning when I left for a seminar but OH WELL, I’m safe now!

Anyway, I hope anyone who reads this might think about what you have left behind back home, be it keeping up with friends or staying in touch with family. Then, consider a way to keep in touch with the people you love or miss although 16 hours of flight time is keeping you two so far away. Have a good day everyone!


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