So, who cares about your Facebook status?

It’s inarguably truthful for someone to admit they feel like they have nothing to talk or write about.

The keyword here is ‘feel’. They might have something interesting or worthy to bring up but they feel like no one really bothers to know about it. Despite this lack of confidence in voicing out, people still ‘voice out’ in several different ways such as ranting about an indifferent political scumbag, taking pictures of meals throughout the day and posting videos of making university accommodation more homey.

So where did this feeling stem from? The inability to talk about personal opinions in front of a large group of people? Being judged. I can’t help but to admit I DO judge people based on their Facebook posts/ tweets sometimes. I am aware this is not good but I have been resisting the urge to do it; but, every time I do that, I will think, “So, why should I give a shit about it” or “Who cares?”

Do you know if anyone cares about whatever you posted on Facebook or tweeted on Twitter? Maybe some people will care depending on the content of your work but in the case that it’s just full of nonsense for example, ‘Yum! I just ate breakfast’, do you honestly think anyone will care about that?

The only way to make them care about it, to make them like your post, to make them retweet your hilarious one-liner, is by giving them something in return. This leads to Adam Smith, a pioneer of political economy, and his theory of the Invisible Hand. One of the doctrines of his theory was that ‘self-love is the motivating force’. To summarise, we have to be reminded when animals mature they do not expect assistance from other of their own kind; but, when it comes to humans we are in constant need of help from others. However, it is useless to always expect their help from only their kindness and selflessness (Smith 1776).

“Give me which that I want, and you shall have this which you want, is the meaning of every offer” (Smith 1776).

It was also implied in the text from The Nature and Causes of Wealthy Nations that ‘offer’ is favour.

So, do you think you can dance are always giving something back to the person who updated his status whenever you liked it? Of course! You give him acknowledgement, he gives you the thought/laugh/nostalgic moment of the day. People do care when you post something completely nonsensical and crude on Facebook/tumblr/Twitter, sometimes. This means if you don’t get a like/retweet/reblog, the person who viewed it probably didn’t get anything out of your update. Or, at least anything that had a value to them.

All in all, write something meaningful. Whether it is to share a feeling with a specific group of diehard Hardwell fans or to inform the public about the latest profile picture trend (Giraffes, DUH), write to express yourself and at the same time, communicate with others.

Because everyone wants something in return.

P.s to everyone who has ever said they didn’t want anything in return, stop lying and say you want a free meal in return.


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