It’s Halloween!

BOO! It’s Halloween!

Besides Ryan giving me a proper scare near the bike shed of Devonshire, today hasn’t been very Halloween-like. Other than that, Serena, Ryan and I watched a film together. It was ’28 Days Later’. It had a happy ending although almost the rest of the world were already dead at the ending. Disney-like, I would call it. The ending was very Disney-like. Disney movies are never sad but a small scene in Toy Story 3 is the exception; and, I am referring to the part where Andy gave all his toys away. You definitely teared up watching that, don’t lie! You know what else makes you cry? Hachiko. I know a girl who watched the movie 7 times and cried 7 times. I will not disclose the identity of that girl. However, I will give you a hint: she’s very special. You know who’s special? Hsu-Ven. Bet she’s sound asleep now. Still don’t entirely know why she had to wake up early today. It was obviously a pain for her to wake up to find out she didn’t have to wake up at such an ungodly hour. You know what else is a pain? Holding your pee while watching a movie. Be right back.



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