Laundry machines don’t give second chances.

Yesterday marked the 3-week anniversary of ‘Don’t forget to put the detergent into the laundry machine before slamming it shut’ day. Here’s what happened:

As I was trudging towards the laundry room with a blue and bulky laundry basket in my hands, I focused on the detergent bottle on top of the pile which looked precariously stable at that moment. Took a few steps down the first stairs, and even more down the second and placed the basket hesitantly on the damp, dirty floor. Leaves made it look dirty and it is never pleasant to discover some sticking to the bottom of the basket. One by one I tossed my laundry into the machine and continually made space for more so that the ‘max load’ level (which was in bright red) will not be reached. I slotted the card in and selected ’40 degrees Celsius colors’ and shut the door tight to get it started. As the machine starts to buzz, I turned behind only to stare down at my basket which had the detergent bottle in it.

I can’t believe I forgot it. Felt pretty stupid at that time. Not just for forgetting, but for panicking. I literally tried to force it open and browsed through Google search results, bent on finding a solution for my silly mistake. I sat with my back against the wall, facing the row of laundry machines, particularly the one I tried to force open ridiculed by my own stupidity. 35 minutes later, I opened it with ease and put some detergent in the machine and spent another 2.5 pounds.

And that is why every Sunday is ‘Don’t forget to put detergent into the laundry machine’ day. If one day is not enough to serve you as a reminder, fret no more! Every Saturday is ‘Make sure you don’t mistake the dishwasher solution for laundry detergent’ days which was first proudly celebrated by a good friend whose name is Samuel Saw.

Have a good Monday everyone!


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