Today I attended a goal-setting workshop.

Here’s what I will do: reorganise my priorities, evaluate their relevance, experiment with routines and find the perfect balance between goals and university and social life. 

It’s a complicated process; but, I have taken the first step by deciding I will release a short story every month. Not like I expect anyone to read it but it would be hell loads lovely for you to tell me what you think about it when it comes out. 

Tonight I finished my Personal Tutorials for International Business assignment. Heeding my tutor’s advice so I will review it on Friday to look at my work from a brighter light.

Tomorrow I am going to visit Leeds City Toastmasters to meet Jan, the person who has been advising me about how to go about starting a Toastmasters club in University of Leeds. Being positive about it, I feel it will be a fortuitous encounter. Might even consider joining Leeds City Toastmasters just to get on with completing my Advanced Communicator Bronze manuals which I think are in my room… in Malaysia.

Reaching Malaysia on the 17th too. Can’t wait to see family and friends; and, of course my swan.

That’s right, I just bought a swan.



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