It’s 12 a.m, noisy and very noisy.

Great… now the people in the block beside me are singing aloud to Wrecking Ball. 

Tonight’s playlist, which was chosen by the bunch of inconsiderate assholes, is the following:

1. Let Her Go by Passenger.

2. Yeah by Usher.

3. Baby by Justin Bieber.

4. Some mainstream pop song.

5. Wrecking Ball by Sledgehammer Licker.

Hold on, I am anticipating for the next song to be played by hearing through my walls. I don’t even need to try hearing it by putting my ear against it. I am on the phone with Hsu-Ven and yes I can hear damn well clearly what they’re singing about. Wait, I hear some bass. Oh wait, now it’s Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. So I put my hands and… oh just shut up. YEAAAYEAAYEAAAAH, it’s a party in the USA! Now there’s laughter, raucous and ever, and what sounds like wolves howling. 

Okay, I actually like the song they’re playing now. It is You Make Me by Avicii. AHHHHHOH YOU MAKE ME! ALLLL MY LIFE! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE LIKE YOUUUUUU.

Hope you had fun celebrating bonfire night!


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