What an experience it was!

Today, I embraced waves of warmth from seeing familiar faces.

It’s strange how I have never felt like this before coming to Leeds, for example when striking up conversations with friends who see each other almost every day in college. It was not anything special to see them back then; but, today was heartwarming to an extent I feel so much gratitude having experienced the Nottingham Malaysian games as an international first year undergraduate in the UK.

Like two confidants meeting each other in a whole new world, the reunion was as special as where it took place. I have never looked forward this much to having a casual conversation with college friends before as though the distance, between us and the people we treasure dearly as our second family, made ‘Hello’s and ‘Bye’s sound more enchanting to our numb, longing ears. Yes, the Malaysian accent which causes Singaporeans to moan about its authenticity (and vice versa), the English to assume it’s a mix of American, Chinese and Indian voices and Malaysians who once took it for granted, to never take it for granted anymore (if you’re studying abroad). 

Everything feels different now. Same objects, different emotions, stronger emotions; and, much more meaningful and noteworthy emotions. It was doubtless glad to see the EDC (Eco Drum Circle) and the friends made in school and college. Besides that, it was not just reuniting with friends who I already knew but also new friends that were made in that privately hired double decker city bus on the way back from Nottingham which enriched the games.

From the start to the end, every element composing the Malaysian games clicked with each other; and, made waking up early in the morning at 3.45 a.m for next year’s Malaysian games seem like the best possible thing to do.

p.s; I feel like the richest man in the world, having the wealth of friends one couldn’t possibly imagine.


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