Dissecting Patriarchy

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Patri-Father. Archy-Rule. Patriarchy-Father Rule.

Language can reveal hidden truths. Being a writer, naturally I’m in love with words. I like to take them apart, get down to their deepest roots. It’s why I only use old dictionaries when I write. They are rich with information about words. New dictionaries are censored. My MacBook Pro dictionary has the word God, but doesn’t have Goddess. It doesn’t have the word patriarchy (it’s a Big Secret) but it does have the word patriarch. But no matriarch. Those who control the symbols of language, control human consciousness too.

Let’s look at the word hierarchy, a win-lose-power-over system that defines the patriarchal structure. My 1900 Webster’s International Dictionary says its root meaning is: sacred, holy, government by priests or other clergy, an obvious reference to the Church, a major strong-arm of patriarchal power and control. It seems reasonable to assume…

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