Happy 20th Month Anniversary Hsu-Ven :D

Dear dear (see what I did there heheh),

We have been together for 20 months. For my dating standards, that is unsurpassable. I hope you know I am overjoyed by the fact we are doing great as well with long distance, connected by Skype calls, bonded by Whatsapp messages. Sorry for replying late at times and I hope you will continue understanding what the situation is like for me (and I know you will because you’re awesome x13421794113948). Will do better in sending you a ‘brb’ before going off somewhere doing my own stuff. Also, if being a doctor is what you want to achieve in life despite the latest article concerning jobless medical graduates, go chase after that dream with the intensity of a desperate man searching for his true calling in life. I can’t wait to sniff your strawberry scented hair when I see you in December.

p.s. we’ll last. I’m sure we will.

With love,

Your fatliew, who loves you a lotlotlotlotlotlotlot.


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