How I feel about marketing.

I’ve had many experiences in marketing before. Notably two. I’m kidding. Just two. Third one is happening right now.

People who have been involved in marketing or ever dealt with it before will know how it feels like to do your job. Luckily for us we essentially need to do only two things:

1) Identify your target market.

2) Annoy the shit out of them.

Step 2 bothers me (and the people I am about to bother) a lot; because, you really just need to persuade them to do something for you even if they don’t feel like it/can’t be assed to register on a site/have not enough time to fill in a form. However, you still need to find a way to do it and to do this is to find more people; but as always, it is easier said than done.

Like people who persuade you to buy insurance, promoters can be pretty annoying and have the fantastic ability of driving someone up the roof. It’s never easy to make a one-sided deal with your potential customers. One could call it a two-way deal, I ask you to sign up for this website so you can quickly flee before my opponents scramble for you. It is only day two but I’m starting to feel tired already. I really do not know who some people can put up with this for weeks, months or YEARS.

So for the next four days to come, if I approach you with the question “Could you do me a favour?”

… Say yes and sign up for for me. Note that it isn’t but WALLPARK.COM.

USE the PROMO CODE: whynot

whynot is my team’s name and it would be so awesome of you to take just a minute of your time to help me in this marketing challenge happening right now in Leeds.

Students in the UK! If you see this, get to WALLPARK.COM now and sign up with the promo code: whynot 

p.s. This is not me shamelessly promoting an organisation, it’s going out there and pushing myself to the point I can’t take it anymore. Do that for me, please?

Because marketing can make you insane.


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