Things I learned from the Wallpark marketing challenge a.k.a dear losers.

Finally, it has come to an end! After one week of brainstorming and peace-disrupting, the results were announced and my team, Whynot got 2nd…

From the bottom a.k.a 5th place… which was shared with two other teams… out of 6 active participants. I figured it would be a waste to spend some time staying disappointed at this so whynot (see what I did there hehehe) share some lessons I picked up during the 7-day period:

1. Think out of the box.

2. As much as thinking out of the box is concerned, sometimes you need to just follow the trend, which I hate so much. An example of this is dressing up in a Batman costume and crashing an Economics lecture. Another example of this is a team which created a Bucket List page for university students. For a challenge which emphasises on viral content, you can get by by following the trend.

3. Take time to think instead of having the ‘Just Do It’ mindset. By investing more time into thinking, you can properly organise your ideas and make better sense out of them instead of acting upon the first (or first few) idea(s) that come into mind. Who knows, you might not even need so much time to actualise it.

4. Whenever you need more hits/traffic on your website, create a similar business-related challenge for university students. Provide the incentives, motivate them based on how badly they are doing at that moment – the worse, the more encouraging – and voila! 

I must admit, it was very smart of the organisers. Very slick.

5. Carefully pick your team members. Well, I learnt my lesson.

And finally, if you lose in a competition like the one I took part in and don’t get any prizes, MAKE SURE you get SOMETHING out of it and of course I am referring to experience. Invaluable experience, that is. So losers all over the world, including me, hold on to that experience and treat it like it’s first prize.

That’s what I am doing la. Hence, the post.


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