Normally I would have my green notebook with me to jot down any new words or of those which I can’t fully understand the definition of in it. Yes, hello everyone. I am not in Leeds. I am coming to you live from… drum roll please!


Not like anyone gives a damn but it feels good to say it that way in my mind, which ends up being typed out in this post. Anyway, the words for the day are awash, billow and rouse; and I found those words from the sentences “Clouds billowed high in airy shades of pink and peach”, “Norah listened, awash in the night, struck by his imagery” and “(don’t know where I got it)”.

Awash, which means flooded with water (e.g seawater and rain), containing large amounts of something or level with the surface of water so that it just washes over. Example sentences/phrases? “Her decks awash” and “The city was awash with journalists”.

Billow, which means fill/swell outwards with air. Examples? “Her dress billowed out around her” and “Smoke billowed out from the chimney-mouth”.

Rouse is to incite/provoke or to put out of a state of inactivity. “She roused, took off her eyepads and looked around”, “His evasiveness roused my curiosity” and “…roused the enthusiasm of those who had lost heart and hope”.




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