The Weekend Report.

Kate and I took the same train to Manchester. In the train station, she did the silliest thing ever. She panicked and thought she lost her debit card but found it moments later in her railway ticket cardholder. Round of applause for her (LOL SO TOASTMASTER-ish)! Felt like an anchovy fillet in a jar and saw a guy with a broom head mohawk.

Watched the second instalment of The Hunger Games with Derrick and Hwee Shan, thought it was good, decided to be patient for the next movie to be released. Made simple carbonara as a midnight snack. Put too much egg white in the ‘sauce’, ended up with a watery carbonara and a cheese omelette. 

Woke up at 12 and watched City played against Spurs. Thought it was not very entertaining although the final scoreline was 6-0, felt bad for Spurs (I’m a Gooner, I know how you feel), celebrated Kim from Cardiff’s equaliser against Manchester United during extra time and left for my sister’s apartment to get ready for the 30 Seconds To Mars concert. 

Oh my goodness, I tasted some bloody good Jasmine rice at her place although it was plain but OH MY it was so good. Have been having Basmati rice that’s why la.

After the concert, watched The Pursuit of Happyness with Derrick and it ended at 3 in the morning. Felt inspired, motivated and empowered to be the best.


If Chris Gardner can do it, so do I. #success


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