My take on the ‘Sweet Young Malaysian Girls’ outrage.

I saw a comment on one of dustyhawk’s Facebook posts and it read “Hi I am one of the victims on the website. Please remove my picture immediately”. Victim? Do you mean victim of intellectual property violation – if so who would care about your photo being stolen for other unthought of uses when Apple and Samsung are still trying to settle their own disputes – or do you mean a victim of your own naive actions?

Why do people get so mad about some ‘pervert’ ‘stealing’ their photos. Unless you’re an aspiring professional photographer, I do not see any reason you should be so angry with dustyhawk. What you should do is be angry with yourself for posting those photos WHEN YOU ALREADY KNOW SOMEONE CAN TAKE IT WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. Hello? It’s the internet? Wake up everyone. Even my words can be stolen right from this blog post and I acknowledge this by structuring my words properly, taking into account that it may offend someone else (in the worst case scenario), at the same time getting my unadulterated opinions across. I know it’s wrong, it just sounds wrong that the website is promoting women in such a perverse manner.

But isn’t it funny when you see someone deliberately trying to show off their ‘assets’ a.k.a cleavage on Facebook but oh no it is so much more terrible when someone takes the exact photo and puts it on a site called ‘Sweet Young Malaysian Girls’. Know what you’re posting on the internet, think about the consequences, then decide whether you should really let the WHOLE WORLD see it. It is not guaranteed that the whole world will see it but once it is uploaded, you are allowing people to have a look, to use it, to edit it and whatnot. You have heard of hackers right? They render privacy settings useless, at least that’s what the normal social network user should be worried about.

Honestly, you can’t expect people to NOT take YOUR pictures on the internet if it interests them in whatever way possible.

Furthermore, the following is a picture of my flatmate and me. Is it me or I, I am not sure.


Okay. You see that picture above. That is just a picture of my flatmate and I in nice clothes. If other people think it promotes homosexual behaviour, screw them. Unless we were kissing, I think it would promote homosexual behaviour/what alcohol can do to you/the exaggerated essence of YOLO. Other than that, it is what it is. If you see a picture of yourself posing seductively in a bikini, or a picture of you taken from high above your head level (obviously trying to show off some assets) on the internet, DO REALISE that people WILL look, that people HAVE EYES and that they can choose whatever they want to look it.

If you worry being a victim of a similar situation, use your brain la. Don’t make yourself the victim. The conclusion of this whole post is what he did was not right at all but whether he can be prosecuted or not for his indecent actions is very unlikely. So, don’t assume there’s a law for everything and always try to play it safe whenever it comes to the Internet. Government ain’t got time for this and you know that.

p.s. What can a public apology do. He is just another guy on the internet. So what can a public apology do to us. Make us feel better that the whole situation is solved? Then, what?


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