A Proper Party.

Here’s what a ‘proper’ party should be like.

It starts off with casually drinking a few cans of beer instead of forcing all the vodka you can down your throat in the least time possible. Some will then engage themselves in as many FIFA games as possible, be it watching it or controlling the players on the bright green virtual pitch.

During this period, the rest will discuss economic theories and principles and real-life applications and whether some acts of famous industrialists were rational or not. This is coupled with Charlie Chaplin’s speech of socialist propaganda. At the same time, ‘sick’ music will be playing.

The notes and melodies of each song will lift the atmosphere, turning stationary heads into bobbing metronomes which groove to whatever is being blasted out from the speakers. No, we’re not talking about Miley Cyrus or One Direction here.

We’re talking Coldplay, Foster The People and Ben Howard.

We’re talking Madcon, Gnarls Barkley and Oasis.

We’re talking Otis Redding, Gene Kelly and Edith Piaf’s “Non, je ne regrette rein”.

Movie soundtracks too! I mean who does that nowadays?

Sadly, this is ‘boring’ for some. The meaning of a party is so distorted. For most, getting drunk and ‘pulling someone’ would be the main agenda; but, how is that socialising when all you do is try to scream out your words to each other and try staying afloat without sinking into the deafening lyrics. Of empty conversations and small talk.

Talk sense. Talk about meaning. Talk about deep deep ideas. Open your mind, not your legs or bottles.

I’m glad to have gone to Owen’s yesterday because I was expecting something typical of the UK student nightlife (just look at the flyers everywhere, just look at what companies are trying to sell you). Thankfully, I was wrong. Oh yeah, I haven’t finished what a proper party should be like.

Finally, when everyone decides supper at half past two would be swell/smashing, we will walk to Mahmood’s instead of Flames for some burgers and fries.


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