Spaghetti anyone?

Would you like some spaghetti aglio olio? Come over to Devonshire!

I perfected the seasoning yesterday, the balance between anchovies and herbs and dried chilli flakes. I got so happy tasting it and although it does sound narcissistic, I got so happy eating food I cooked yesterday. You don’t understand. I get happy eating all the time and when I’m hungry I would be moody and my mind would be occupied with how I would cook my next meal. Sometimes I get so hungry I can’t be bothered to think of a recipe and just create one along the way. It’s food, it’s not rocket science! Well, there is a science to it but once you understand what goes on in the pan or oven, you can throw your measurements away and experiment; and with experiments there is always trial and error; and on a bad day you’ll need to eat your own shitty food; good day, DELISH! 

So get out there and experiment, scientists!

p.s. the offer is valid. Tell me if you want to try some. 😀


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