Two incidents.

The first is when I was lining up in the queue in the Barclays bank at Albion Street when a person who was lining up got out of the queue and went straight to one of the two open counters meant for Business/Premier members. One of the counters had two people fiddling with the computer, presumably a trainee and a senior. The other one had a man who exuded a carefree attitude by talking to the other counter with the trainee and senior while there were 6 people in the queue. The Turkish man in front then started talking to me about how he had spent 10 years living in Leeds and thought that the service here was dreadful

“It’s near Christmas and this is what they do? Have a trainee work in front of the reception? They should have done it two to three months ago when they had expected less customers.”

I agreed with him. “10 years here and I know damn well that this country is f***ed I tell you,” the turkish man continued.

“It is very different here compared to the service in Malaysia, or Asia in general,” I said.

“You’re from Malaysia? My friend has been there for 10 years and he’s loving it there,” he replied.

The second incident happened while I was waiting in the gym for the clock to strike 5 to attend an economics lecture. An Australian lady came in and I overheard her conversation on the phone because frankly she was quite loud.

“Yeah yeah I actually thought it would be better here than Australia but no they’re all racist here. Against muslims, against refugees, against asylum seekers…”

Misconceptions happen all the time, don’t they?



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